watch KARIN

KARIN (3 minutes) Tellef Johnson's ambitious three-minute long tracking shot blends the classic woman-in-trouble subgenre with themes of perception and illusion vs. reality. [35mm color, in English]

-A great article about how this shot came to be can be read HERE.


THE HELENA LETTERS (7 minutes) Tellef Johnson's film reflects the essence of French nouvelle vague while simultaneously referencing 1970s revenge thrillers and the archetypal American frontier western. The result is a noir hybrid.
[35mm color and black and white, in English and French with English subtitles]

-A graphic novelization of the climax can be read HERE.


SOLFEGE (17 minutes) Part docudrama, part psychological thriller detailing the life of operatic performer Isabel (Reka Leszay), whose dreams of fame have now become her wildest nightmares, manifested through a series of increasingly bizarre episodes that may or may not be real. Tellef Johnson filmed on location in New York’s Plaza and Ansonia Hotels.
[In Digital video and 35mm, color and black and white, in English and Italian and Hungarian with English subtitles]

-An analysis of the film can be read HERE.